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Rebalance Mod 3.50beta3full

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Post Tue Nov 02, 2004 9:24 am

Rebalance Mod 3.50beta3full

If you don’t have Rebalance mod 3.50beta3full then be smart and don’t get it if you like SP gaming, or the storyline missions.

I can say that the ships are great the new darker space look is great, all the systems are great.

BUT! if your plying sp storyline then watch out. for one thing if king gets disabled when the doughnut gets blown away by the order your mission stops, IE you have to baby set king and hope he does not get to many hits so you can go on.

Next is Willard station return trip, I would advise you not to shoot the RL gunboats until they tell you to. That is if any are left? and you better hope one makes it till then or you'll be reloading your game from auto save and doing it again, and again, and again until you get lucky enough that one survives, so your mission story goes on.

Then after you spend a few days getting the money you need for the ship and guns and etc. etc. and you go on mission four well wait till you land on Leeds, loads of fun, at lest not until you launch and you come out of the docking ring with WTF that is not my multimillion credit ship I came here in, you then look at your guns gone also, your power plant gone, your whole freelancer experience is now shot.

So you are persistent and decide to push on you work your butt off again but this time its harder for some unknown reason. get a good ship and guns and etc. again just like you want then you go see Dexter and say bye-bye to all your hard work again. OH bye the way you don’t get your credits back for what you lost, I lost 3.5 million on the first ship then 2.6 million on the 2nd I gave up after being screwed twice.

So I went to find out WTF was going on they told me to do a clean install of freelance done, apply sdk1.3 done activate rebalancemod done, go to PG files micsoft FL folder and change the setting on the bat files from read only done, then click on the bat file for bonus ship and disable it done, it did not work.
the instant docking does not work.

So I went to try open sp guess what you start in the outer worlds omicron???? surrounded by corsair fleets, and or Hessian fleets it then tells you to go dock with planet Toledo after you fly all over the place trying to find the jump hole for it, you land as told to do and your on mission 13 sp again, but your in a starflier with 2xjustice mk1 and a class 1 shield, $500 and no way of getting a better ship for the order ships are in the millions, SOOOOOOOOOO what do you do???

I am now downloading Tng 2.65final I hope that this does not have all the trouble Rebalancemod has.

I think I'll wait till Rebalance is considered finished before trying it again, I hope they can get all the bugs worked out of it, for it will be a great Mod one that no one would ever get tired of. Good luck MD I think your on the right track but you put some bad jokes in with it.

Post Tue Nov 02, 2004 9:49 am

If you are having a problem with a mod, post in the forum that has that mod and you might get an answer so you can keep playing the mod. I will be moving this to the right forum in a moment.


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Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 5:24 pm

Wow, you are stubborn. I gave up after getting my second ship and finding it too suffered the funky engine kill problem. I had been really looking forward to getting out of one of baene's ships, but the engine kill soured me on the whole mod.
I ain't touching it until the final 3.50.

Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 5:33 pm

i made it to tahagis (however its spelled) base with alot of problems with the gunboats only, other then that i rarely had any poblems other than the RAVEN CLAW AND BASE in the corsairs home world is gone and data storm says its there. this ive posted about for ages now and no answer.

so if you people can please tell me when the patch or whatever is comeing out id really appritiate it. also sorry if i came across angry.

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