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Post Mon Apr 26, 2004 5:11 pm

I suppose that explanation about cruise makes sense -- although during some SP missions you'll be in cruise for quite some time, enough for some weak powerplants to be completely drained, in which case your ship will be vibrating horribly as it drops to regular speed and then bursts forward at cruise speed as the energy gets renewed and the re-drained (most visible in an X-Wing while flying on the way to find the Transports to escort in mission 3), and it repeats this circle of slowing down then jumping forward at approximately 3-4 times a second, and if you're using the default out-of-cockpit view you can see your ship literally shaking back and forth.

Yes I know there are limits to how much you can mod Dan I just wanted to point out that since most of the later ships have multiple engines -- for the warping side effect, which btw is considered by many players a big reason not a side effect -- there's not much point in making engines interchangeable. Let's say for example I buy a HF that has 2 corsair (or whatever) engines. The point is, I can get warp from this setup, and there's no way in hell I will upgrade the engines because once I start unmounting, I can only ever remount 1 engine max. This alone has made me ignore engine upgrades once I start flying multiengined (i.e. warp capable) ships. Which is kinda sad, because this means we're back to where Freelancer was (i.e. no changing engines).

Sure, simple solution, you can make all ships use only 1 engine so that the upgrades become desireable again, but that takes away warp, and that isn't a good idea because warp is fairly essential in exploring systems. The only viable solution I can see here is if we can figure a way to make warp workable with only one engine.

Back to mines. I guess my perspective was skewed by the fact that I was flying in a fairly meaty ship. I do remember getting hammered pretty hard by ordnance while flying smaller ships. But one small point I do agree with Alex, there is way too much variety . I mean, one look at the list and my head spins. It's like every faction has several missile/mine/rocket classes of its own. Technically there's no problem with that... it's just that I find the sheer variety overwhelming because I normally don't use ammo-based weapons. I guess somebody who uses them likes to be able to choose which one to use.

I haven't tried flying a capship through a debris field; I suppose you could say that is one reason NOT to buy a capship. I mean, what the heck, you can't have it ALL. Even a souped-up Hawkeye MkII can't match the firepower a capship can bring to bear. At least you guys can still dock, imagine if we didn't have the dock fix and capships could only ever dock on planets or something. I did fly one of those balistners, omg the inertia was killing me. I'm definitely a fighter pilot, not a starship captain.

Ro9ue's idea is nice, but I don't think that is possible. And besides, it's difficult to get that balance right -- how many units consumed per amount of time. Plus you'd have problems with ships that have small cargo holds. I've seen this in quite a few other games (e.g. food in rpgs), and most of the time players want it taken out. Making it optional is nice, making it mandatory is another thing.

You know what, if we could tie a certain consumeable to warping that would solve both this problem AND the engine problem. All ships can go back to having one engine, which players can then happily upgrade as they like, and those who want warp capability have to purchase something else, that decreases with usage, eliminating the abuse problem.

Excellent, if I may say so myself

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Post Tue Apr 27, 2004 12:33 pm

I think your meant to get wasted if you take a cap ship into a debries field.... Kind of makes sense a smaller object like a fighter can navigate easily through that a huge Cap ship.

Post Tue Apr 27, 2004 2:11 pm

Here's a thought early in the game I like using the Cylon HV with 6 repair turrents... big hitting @ no cost to your power supply
Very nasty at 400 plus each damage possibble the repiar turrents need a little tweecking or at least made more expensive?

Just a thought.

Post Tue Apr 27, 2004 5:25 pm

Hey there, I did say that I was pretty sure that some of my suggestions were not gonna be possible. Anyway, the gundam mod didn't work with Reb 3.4 when I tried it, FL threw a tantarum and refused to let me play again until I reinstalled. Oh, well, I don't use missiles anyway.

-Ok, I admit that I avoided all mines like the plague (Old WC habit) and wasn't hit by one until WAY into the game, so I'll have to concede that maybe they are powerful enough, especially since the AI does like to spam the battlefield with them.

-How about the anti-cap-ship mine though? Way too slow moving to catch a fighter, even a blind crippled one, but devastatingly powerful. Since most of the cap ships don't have mine slots, it would be a weapon that would let fighters at least nick those multi-milion armor hulls.

-Speaking of cap ships. . .I don't think that the 'phase engine' Warrior was talking about would be a good idea. In a cap ship, you are god of the battlefield, with hundreds of thousands of shield points, sometimes millions of armor points (16 million in a Leviathan with DU armor), and enough firepower to vaporize a planet. The price you pay for this power is hopelessly poor maneuverability and having a serious problem navigating tight spaces. 'Phasing out' in star trek works because nearly all the ships are capitol class, and fighters don't play a significant part. I'd say, leave the cap ships as-is. MD has done a good job with them, and they definitely don't need any more perks.

BTW, anything smaller than the Torpedo destroyer CAN maneuver through an asteroid field decently, even at cruise speed, you just have to get the hang of it. And I'd suggest using external view, so you can see where an asteroid is going to hit you.

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Post Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:35 pm

ok.......wonder why it posted my reply in the middle of everything. well read half way down the 2nd page to see what i thought of if you would. i like the mod and enjoy blowing stuff up tho. also i heard there was a freelancer 2 out. tryed finding it at a few stors but didnt have it. keep up the good work on the mods, wish i could learn how to make a few ships. sorry on the mishap if i posted something rong i dont normaly use these. thanks

Post Wed Apr 28, 2004 12:05 am

Freelancer 2 isn't out, and there isn't even a mention on it on Digital Anvil :p Just pray MS thinks it was successful enough to warrant a sequel.

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Post Sat May 01, 2004 7:45 am

things I would like 2 see in 3.4 as a SO
capships need to cost mutch more esp the battle ships 300-500 mil these ships r server killers
fix the vip/pris trasde run had a player make max cash in 1 hr 6 min bought a damacaliese trick it out and crash server 20 mim later
frieghtors the big ones should cost as mutch as the cap ships traders make cash way 2 fast with these large cargo holds
vips should b droped as loot
shield gen/cap/and fusion inj should b droped as loot
shields should b droped as loot
the military bases should sell all house shields/weapons & up grades
loose some of the ships there r way 2 many
all ships should b able 2 mount all weapons/shields
make the super shields cost 100 mill
get the pirats out of places they dont belong
fix the battleship npc encounters so only 1 fraction spawns at a time so they dont overlap [like in TnG your other mod
add more missions esp higher paying 1s allong with better ai
missions against cap ships ,the cap ships should b moving and able to return fire
weapon platforms should drop loot
if u r going 2 continue 2 let the bases be destroyed (another server crashing prob) then fill them up with loot afterall it u r going 2 blow up a base and crash the server u should get paid 4 it right????
fix all info cards/tradelanes
MD ushould make a starter ship that only ur mod has I would like it 2 be configured like this
4 guns up 2 lv 10
1 turrent /missle mount
2 torp/Cd mounts
cargo of 100 this should b default cargo of all lf/ hvf 150/vhf 200
1 shield mount 3 addon mounts
provide a data file 2 put in the ironcross that even a a noob can use this will help with the error/missing hash code prob that causes an overflow error in the ironcross and server crashes
fill up the bab5 systems with bases & planets like the ea add there own fractions get the old FL fractions out of there
u have shadow ships there should b a shadow world dockable/populated/with missions/trade goods/weapons/ships and there should b missions against them
same with the nomads and they should b every were in fl
because u r selling SW ships there should b a system/or bases that repesents those fractions/with all the missions/trade goods/weapons/ships
leave the engins the way they r all my players know how 2 deal with it and its no big any more whack the warp its not necessary esp if u fill up the empty systems
and it causes probs besides thats what the tradelanes r 4
the LSF should have its own base with all the stuff same with the order
would like 2 see a client side option that allowes u 2 chose ur fraction/personal look/voice I know that there is a bolt on mod that allowes u 2 do this but it would b nice it it was included
I would like the SOs to have a lot of options so they can configure the mod 2 fit the style of play they want on their servers after all we r the ones spending the money 2 put the mod on the net

MD U dont know if u will read this or if u even care what the SOs who have been trying 2 run your mod in mp have been going through .but if u do then check out the global servers that run your mod and u will notice that most r empty and that u can only find arround 30 or so players total this is not good esp 4 a mod that so many people like I had nearly 700 mp accounts when ur mod came out now I have 106 and I am sure that ater the ironcross does its auto main thing it will continue 2 decline
The name of your mod is reballence but it not it is totally out of ballance and is refered 2 as crashballance by the mp community this also is not good !
with all the new modding teams that seem to b foascing on making there mods mp friendly intrest in your mods will completly dissapear execpt in sp .I dont know if this is acceptable 2 you or not but if I had your skills and had put this mutch time and effort into sutch a basicly killer mod I would find this trend alarming !!! as always I will continue 2 run your mod on my server until all intrest is gone hopefully u will take my sugestions 2 hart

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Post Sat May 01, 2004 4:45 pm

damn, well i dont think u cud tell me how i switch off the wep ower drain, just to use for my use on SP, cos i cant stand it, i use cruise all the time, and (using chips addon thingys) i bought the best powerplant i could for one of those starflyers, on the mish to save the prison ship, i had to stop 2 times cos my energy drained so fast i couldnt go into cruise, i loaded previous unmodded game wer i hav a good bit of creds, and i cant find any powerplant which will sustain cruise for long.
so aslong as switching of the drain for my use only is allowed, and isnt very difficult, then could sum1 tell me how to?
thx for ur time + help

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Post Sat May 01, 2004 8:51 pm

Can't reply much to DrKrEaper cause I rarely play MP. I guess it's easy to earn too much, but instead of raising the bar, we should drop some other things instead. Like the cargo space things, yep, some ships have way too large holds. I realize equipment is meant to take space, but it seems with a regular loadout you can still haul mucho moolah.

Thing is, powerplants don't have classes, if they had we could restrict what a ship could mount, and not have that mess with the cargo space. I.e., we could let a HF carry up to a certain level of powerplant without needing to increase cargo space to accomodate it, otherwise some players might just mount a much smaller powerplant and fill the rest of the cargo hold with goodies. But... this approach also opens another can of worms... the current setup isn't too bad.

Btw you suggested trimming down the cargo ships and all that, but you want to give the starting ship level 10 gun slots? I think that's even worse, makes it easier to earn money for a better ship to start doing those trade runs.

Everything is already overpriced... to compensate for the trade runs; on the other hand, strictly combat pilots (like myself) are hosed when it comes to saving up -- I have to fly like dozens of missions just to get a million, and not counting repairs.

Yeah I know I chose to do it the hard way, but the easy way (trade) shouldn't be too easy. It's easy to pare down the trade aspect... (1) lessen the profit margin, (2) make profitable runs cross more systems (having a central hub type of system which leads to all over the sector doesn't help, either), (3) reduce the frickin' huge cargo holds. I have to work for my money, why shouldn't traders work for theirs? If you can load your cargo holds with goodies, take one trade lane to the next base, crash boom bang get one gazillion bucks, then what's the bloody point? Game over in 5 minutes, time to fly to the next server. You don't even need to make friends, wth play MP for?

Removing warp... well that's kinda iffy cause traders are addicted to large holds and profitable runs, while we fighters are addicted to warp. Saved my ass a couple times... but I admit, it makes me lazy and fighting too easy. You know what, I bet traders abuse this too. I can see it already, "tradelane disrupted eh? *warp*" :p Stick to a one-engine model, and we make engine upgrades attractive again. Something to think about, no?

I dunno Forbidon, in your case I'd just buy me a better powerplant / ship.

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Post Sat May 01, 2004 10:18 pm

true I just want the hardpoints 2 be able 2 mount lv 10 guns/missels ect not 2 actually have the guns allready
U need 2 play Mp find a server either mine oregon usa or kd play r always up and some times u actually can find other player on
the reason I want cap ships to b so costly is to keep player from bying them 2 soon befor they become acoustome 2 the mod its usually the noobs that exploit the lame trade runs by bigger cargo ships then bang they have a damacliese then ite server crash time
I have always been a fighter/freighter type player with 1 account and I think the traders have it way 2 easy
if I have 2 spend 5 mil 4 a ravens claw with a cargo of 150 then a freightor with 1500 cargo should b 50 mil

have a great day

Post Sun May 02, 2004 6:19 pm

H fuel - on the cargo hold, couldnt you split them say have two for one ship. BUT ONE, hold be for say H fuel and decresses as time goes by so that you have to eather buy, loot or mine more. then it gets put in THAT hold until it gets filld. woudlnt that work?

shields - on the shields i normaly use one power cell and one compasiter linked with one lvl 10 shield if iam going into the borders were there is hostle cap ships. other wise i just leave it at an lower lvl with the same set up. also i use one injecter since iam useing majer drain weapons to. so id say four slots 1, one for shield mount, 1 for compasiter 1 for powercell and 1 for injector.

warp - wouldnt say one upgrade that has that selection on it work but still have the upgrades that are in the mod? but i dont like the warp effect because i use the engine killed when iam dog fighting, and i dart back and forth. but it is still good to have when your traveling long distences when your exploreing that part may have already been said but i just wanted to ask though.

Post Sun May 02, 2004 9:46 pm

forbiddin the cruse eng drain is easy 2 fix just b suer that the power plant rechargrs faster than the cruse eng drain by the star blaser at pitsburs 4 starters

Have A Great Day

Post Mon May 03, 2004 6:46 am

Drkreaper, the capital ship prices cannot be increased too much because freelancer does not accept any kind of goods that go past 10 milions credits. I tried to do this in 3.30 and the player who buyed one of these ships was booted for cheating.
Shields are already droped as loot...and about the other shield mounted equipment i don;t know if it';s possible to make it lootable...i'll give it a try.
Unfortuantely in mission vs capships they can;t move cause they're seen as solars, much like all the Battleship bases in games. I'm working on a way to make the pirates fly capital ships in Random missions.
I agree with the increased cargo holds(perhaps arroun 75-90 for LF, 125-150 for HF and 175-195 for VHF's). I'll also think of a unique Rebalance style starter ship, that will have about class 8 weapons and shields and arround 75 cargo holds. I already have 2 of these in mind, they're made by 2 well known fans, Ro9ue and ArhKaine.
The Homeworld ships will probably be removed, but only to make way for the new WC-14 ship pack and some SW capital ships.
And DrkReaper, i did everything i could to make the mod more stable in MP but it seems it isn't as stable as I and the MP test team hoped. To tell you the truth i don't know what else to do, i already reduced encounters to a minimum by the options in the .bat files and fixed all other MP realted bugs.
I guess the mod is a server killer due to the rapid fire weapons, multiple HP's for capships and rich encounters in the EFA and esge worlds areas. I can't reduce those too much and I can;t eliminate the beam weapons or reduce the number of weapon HP's for capital ships. That will make Rebalance not be Rebalance anymore, and i rather stop making it than turning it into a dull vanilla style mod.
I'm sure is not the mod's fault but rather the Freeelancer's outdated engine that was not designed to support so many ships and weapons in MP that is causing the crashes...

Post Mon May 03, 2004 10:41 am

Michael, just take care that if the starter ship is going to be too good, most of the other ships are going to be worthless. I think the starter ship should be in min level but with lot of upgrades. With that each player is going to have more than one way to organize his strategy.

Post Mon May 03, 2004 4:33 pm

Are the ships that are able to mount more than one shield going be changed at all?

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