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Rebalance 3.40 full final version is now available

Here you can find news, get help and comment about the ?FL Rebalance Mod? for Freelancer

Post Wed Mar 17, 2004 6:59 am

Rebalance 3.40 full final version is now available

Latest version of Rebalance has reached its final version, it's already available for download at It will be very soon posted here on LR as baked is already working on that(thnx baked! )...
here are the details:

-includes patches from RB 3.30 final + Dagger Xr patch.
-fixed the Jupiter Obs. station giving missions inside Planet Jupiter
the models in my SW pack are from the Darksabers Ultimate Craft Pack(DSUCP), so credits go for Tony "Darksaber" Denton for makig them. I converted, re-textured and configured them for use with Freelancer.
-use the ModSettings.bat file to set up choices of the mod, like OpenSP mode, disabling cutscenes, levels of difficulty, levels of encounters in the EFA system and more. Syntax: Modsettings.bat X:, where X: is the letter of the drive where FL is installed.
-new systems added, made by Augur:
New Jersey
-added jumpholes or jumpgates to existing systems to fit the new ones
-fixed the loadouts of high level BH and Corsairs/Hessians/Outcasts. Added combined missiles loadouts to them, like class 1 and 3 or class 2 and 3, of different levels.
-increased the power of the faction guns by 16 to 20%.
-recommend to the server admins to use the low density setting both for EFA and for the Edge worlds. this will prevent the server of crashing when players go and pvp or do missions in these systems.
-added Augur's ship pack made specifically for Rebalance, it contains 11 ships as folows:
-Gaijin MkI - HF, armor 7500, cargo 80, weapns 6/2/2
-Gaijin MkII - VHF, armor 13500, cargo 125, weapns 8/4/2
-Halycon MkI - LF , armor 2500, cargo 40, weapns 4/2/2
-Halycon MkIa - HF, armor 4800, cargo 75, weapns 6/2/2
-Halycon MkII - VHF, armor 10100, cargo 150, weapns 6/4/2
-Ryuoken - HF, armor 5700, cargo 65, weapns 5/2/2
-Seraphim - FRT, armor 8500, cargo 750, weapons 4/7
-Mauler - VHF, armor 13200, 8/2/2, weapons 8/2/2
-Hawkeye MkII - VHF, armor 10500, cargo 1200, weapns 6/3/4
-Hydra: FRT/VHF, armor 11800, cargo 1500, weapons 6/6/2
-Raider: HF, armor 5500, cargo 45, weapons 6/1/2
-these are spreaded in Bretonia, Kusari and Rheinland.
-added my own ship pack of 14 SW ships consisting of the next ships:
-TIE Avenger, HF, weapons 4/4/2, cargo 75
-R-41 Starchaser, LF, weapons 4/2/2, cargo 90.
-Preybird Fighter, LF, weapons 4/2/4, cargo 80.
-TIE Phantom, VHF, weapons 5/3/2, cargo 90.
-Cloakshape Fighter, HF, weapons 6/2/2, cargo 120.
-Planetary Fighter, HF, weapons 6/3/2, cargo 110.
-IRD Fighter, HF, weapons 5/2/2, cargo 90.
-T42 Congreve, VHF, weapons 6/3/2, cargo 150.
-Re-modeled and re-textured XWing, HF, weapons 4/2/2
-Muurian Transport, freighter/fighter, weapons 5/5/2, cargo 500.
-Container Transport, freighter, weapons 3/12/1, cargo 6000.
-Corellian Gunship, starship(corvette), weapons 4/10/2, cargo 1000.
-Assault Gunboat, VHF, weapons 8/4/2, MS3D model and setup made by Augur, then converted and re-textured by me.
-Missile Boat, VHF, weapons 7/2/4, cargo 120.
-added Illerrio ship's pack, containing the Caerion LF and the Midanek HF.
-fixed the ship in the Freespace ship pack by Caid, they got now corect LOD ranges and don't dissapear during cruise, thrust or rapid maenuvers anymore.
-each ship has a specific maneuvrability in conjuction to its own shape, for ex: wider ships have less roll but better pitch while longer and thiner ships have better roll and less pitch.Ship class ps also a key role in maneuvrability and inertia in flight.
-restored NPC and player shield regeneration to defaults(lower) settings.
-re-distributed missing ship packages all over Sirius so all of the ships added can be bought somewhere.
-fixed the EFA system commodity bugs, and in-space random crashes.
changes from 3.40 beta 2:
-fixed the Carolina system jumphole to Sigma 19 and the New Jersey to Tau 37 jumphole
-fixed the tradelanes in the Iowa systems, and the super-trade routes that alowed very fast credits to be made.
-opened the New York to Alaska and back Jumpgates in MP.
-fixed the BH bases in the Omicron Systems that were causing crashes when the player tried to undock.

credit list for v3.40 and above:

-Astral Prime Studios: the APS Starviper, APS Hornet and the Cougar ships.
-Silver Fire: for its weapon pack:EMP mines, cluster missiles, cruise missile, sniper interdictor missile, rocket pods and mass drivers
-Porsche: Starwars ships creator, like the A-wing, Bwing, Ywing and Millenium Falcon
-Free Spirit: for its own Millenium Falcon
-Redeye: the Elite ship pack, and the Tachyon 5 ships, the Archangel and Battleaxe.
-Caid: Freespace ships creator.
-Konind: for the Antaeus heavy fighter.
-RubberEagle: Starhound Colonial Viper and the Laser-Torpedo guns.
-Paul: for it's own collection of special Freelancer ships, from the X-fighter to Raven, Whale and Thunderbird.
-Duriel_LOP: code for docking large ships such as Battleships
-Crabtree Corporation Network: the Homeworld ships.
-Firebase: member of FightSpace team, for the Slipstream, Ghost, Death Schyte and Raven Claw ships.
-Wanderer:creator of the: Naginata, Tempest and Javelin, also member of Fightspace team
-MikeA1: for the Entreprise NX1
-Kurgan: Ships from Kurgan's mod, like the Z-95 Headhunter, Phoenix, Gargoyle and Hawk
-John Hawke: Wing commander ship: the Hornet.
-Giskard: the Bab5 and other Fighters, like Starfury, Bab5 Thunderbolt, Soulstealer and Starviper(from Galactica series).
-Knight79: for the Ship Components mod.
-Tassiin: creator of the GSM mod, for some graphics and UI sounds that were used.
-Crymson: modified/fixed the Gallofree Rebel Medium Transport to have less HP's but more shield slots and thursters. It's a real Blockade Runner now, just like the Corvette.

-as special credits and thanks for their help in testing and hosting v3.40,i must mention the guys from Cybersprocket and Tulsagamers, especially Franklin([email protected]) and Brian for their generous offer for hosting the RB site, which they helped create, build and maintain and provided the required resources for it.
-also thanx my beta testers and supporters, Cibisphere, Lukr, Ultra, Ro9ue, and all others for their help and support in tracking down most of the bugs that are now gone from v3.40. thanx guys!

Post Wed May 26, 2004 4:09 am

Back for playing! Hope i still can find some bugs after this long while.

Post Sun Aug 22, 2004 1:37 am

welcome back. version 3.5 will be out soon and is the most exciting so far. making it was exciting anyway...

Post Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:24 pm

hey, i got the beta version and have ran data storm, but keen outpost isnt there and half the ships that was added have no skin on them. so i was wondering if there was gona be an patch or it was gona be fixed in the full version?

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