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Need help with Milkshape

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Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:19 am

Need help with Milkshape

Hi there and i need help
So , when i Exporting moddels to CMP from MOD its going all ok
But when i wanna add some hardpoints on it with Hardpoint Editor this model is too little lol.... I mean when i open this cmp with Editor this model showing too little as normal Model... I dont know why... There is Screens : ... nShot3.jpg

Can u see this little point ? when yes thats it my ship but it too little and i dont know why !!!

And this is when i adding Hardpoint : ... nShot4.jpg

Hard point is more bigger then ship !!!! So plz help me with this prob and say me how to make this ship bigger. thx

Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:31 am

If you're importing ships into Milkshape, consider setting the scale to 1.
(Or whatever scale keeps the ships their original size)
If you're wanting to add hardpoints using the cmp editor,
Consider using the FL Model tool to scale your model up by 2, 3 or 4.
To get an idea of the acutal size of the ship in game, take a look at its
(or a comparable ship) size in the FL model tool first.
That should give you a reference as to how much
you'll need to "upscale" your "little" model to the correct size and
make adding extra hardpoints easier.

For instance, the "radius" of a Liberty Fighter (used by the LSF and Police)
is only around 8. A sabre by comparison is nearly twice that radius.
So, if you look at your ship size in the model tool, you might see something
in radius that could be somewhere definately less than 8.
Just resize your model up enough to make it look right by comparison to other ships.
Then add hardpoints until your hearts desire is fulfilled. (just make sure those
extra hardpoints are accounted for in shiparch.ini, goods.ini AND
on your ship info cards or you'll have problems with crashes and ship related cheat kicks on your MP server)

Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:30 am

Doesn't anybody around here read tutorials, Sheesh!

Set the scale slider on the exporters UI to "1.000000" for a 1:1 scale, ie the size it is in milkshape will be the size it is in game. Then once you've finished getting the other settings how you want them, use the "Save Settings" button and save a CES file, then you can use the "Continue" button, this is the only way to lock the scale at your prefered setting, otherwise you export at 1:92 which is F%$*ing tiny.

**shuffles off with a new headache**

Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:34 am

Tutorials, what are those?

Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 12:00 pm

Guys you need to be more specific when you write things in tutorials and tips that may be obvious to you - they aren't to me!

With CMP Exporter v03 beta you MUST click on "Save Settings" to change the scale.

The exporter has a bug, and if you don't Save (or Load) settings, then it does NOT read the scale setting at all, and it scales DOWN to 1/92, no matter what you set your scale to.

This silly problem wasted me an hour, and could have been fixed in 2 minutes by the programmer.

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