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Mod Version

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Post Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:58 am

Mod Version

I saw some mods have versions changed.I know that they've changed them by editing exe file.But some mods have in their name lets say hamburg city mod (v3.02 <-) but not in game.So i was wondering how to they determine what version is their mod or do they just come up with version?In each mod update mod version is higher but in game it's still 1.0.

Post Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:35 am

I think its not game changing its build of mod. Every program has its own version. Wich is usualy made from 4 numbers.

The 1st shows : Major Edit
The 2nd shows : Minor Edit
The 3rd shows : Release
The 4th shows : Build

Example :

Number is that means that this program has been edited from scrach 4 times 3 times edited ,its 1 release and 5th build. Well atleast it shoud be like this but most of people don put 3rd and 4th id

Post Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:22 am

Ok thanks for support.Now i understand more then i did before

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Post Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:52 pm

well, i have a question. as i'm not american, or english, or australian or somehting i don't know what means "build" in computer world... ooh!

Post Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:51 pm

Build is the same as version, but a sub-part of a version.

When you make the first version of a program, you might have to fix problems and release it again. So that you know it is the second version, you may call it Version 2. Then the next would be Version 3 and so on.

These days programs are much larger and much more complex, and if the version changed every time some fixes are made then many programs would be numbered out of the intended version numbers.

So where we used to use "Version 1" we started to use "Version 1 Release 1" to "Version 1 Release 10" before needing to change the Version to Version 2.

But, then when kids started doing our work they decided to use Build too, like: "Version 1 Release 1 Build 1" to "Version 1 Release 10 Build 10" so they can cover their larger numbers of mistakes within the same version!!

I'm just kidding about them being kids. They aren't. Some of them are over 40!

The next generation of programmers will probably add "Version 1 Release 1 Build 1 SubVersion 1" as well! oh, look! They already did it!!

OK - on the serious side... the "version" number you see for many mods is set in the Freelancer.exe and FL Server.exe. It is not a programming change, just a label change. It is done because the mods have a lot of new ships and equipment which is not known by the standard game, and if a modder joins a standard server, or a server running another mod with different equipment, then the server would crash. This is the reason for the "version" changes. When you have the same mod you can join that server.

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