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Post Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:12 pm


hey, does anyone use the

"effect = gf_explosion_li_battleship_damagefire" thing on the reactors of their ships? it normaly comes out of the reactor of the liberty dreadnought or osiris at a 45 degree angle going south-east (from behind view) i was wondering how you ajust the "pos_offset" and "ori_offset" valuse to make it come out from the same place, but at a differient angle. (say north-east) ive tried playing arroun with it and i THINK i got something, but im not really sure what one determines angle. thanks in advance.

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:27 pm

I think it's the orientation of the hardpoint you use to attach the effect to.

If the effect is attached to the engine then you can't realistically change the orientation of the engine as it will also affect the exhaust trail and glow and anything else attached to the engine.

I haven't played with ori_offset or pos_offset, if you don't see an angle change by altering the orifice offset then try adding another hardpoint to your cmp, eg HpFX01 or HpFX03 (HpFX02 already exists and its at the reactor core). Then you can attach your effect to the new hardpoint and point that any direction you like.

When you want to change the orientation of a hardpoint in HardCMP, the axes x, y, z do the following:-

x: -1 to -180 = roll left, like moving your left arm down and your right arm up.
x: 1 to 180 = roll right, like moving your left arm up and your right arm down
y: -1 to -180 = tilt upward, like looking up
y: 1 to 180 = tilt downward, like looking down.
z: -1 to -180 = turn left, like looking left
z: 1 to 180 = turn right, like looking right

HardCMP has the axes labelled wrong, (x is really Z, y is X and z is really Y) but don't worry, the visual change you see is written correctly into the cmp file. HardCMP is also a bit touchy about 180 degrees, you may need to use 179 or -179. If you don't get what you want easily, push 3 long pins through an eraser in the directions of the axes, label them with tiny sticky labels, put a dot at the front top edge of you eraser, and you can work out what you want easily by observing how much you roll(x)/tilt(y)/turn(z) your eraser from "straight & level dead-ahead" to get it to face the direction you want.

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Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:46 pm

for flight dynamics & object orientation in space:
x, y, z is
pitch, yaw, roll

In the Universe structure:
x, y, z, is
In a three dimensional system: x is east to west, y is elevation, z is north to south.

for weapons orientation:
x, y, z, is
"roll, pitch, yaw"
(but it's actually called something else..two of them are azimuth and horizon)
((declination perhaps))

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Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:13 pm

The basic answer is it's the hardpoint that alters the angle as already mentioned, i added this effect back into the cruise liner and works well. You'll need a copy of HardCMP to alter hardpoints.

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