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impulse and explosion

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Post Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:43 am

impulse and explosion

hi again, 3 main things i would like to know here.

-in the vanilla fl fuse entries, say for the li_dreadnought's engine, there are parts of fuses like this:

at_t = 0.050000
hardpoint = HpFX02
pos_offset = 0, 0, 0
radius = 45
force = 200000
damage = 0

i can guess what most of this does, but ingame, i cant see it doing ANYTHING. the main goal is to get these to make the ship move forward at about the speed of...say...250 (on the speed meter) how would this be accomplished?

-the second thing is, ive noticed that every destructble piece has a child and parent impulse. and i was wondering if these could be changed through a fuse entry, like this one:

at_t = 0.990000
group_name = Leaf01_d1_lod1
fate = debris

X = either:

force = 400.0
child_impluse = 400.0
parent_impulse = 30.0

has anyone had any luck with this stuff? the reason i wanted it was because i have a "panel explode fuse" that causes a reaction from the..reactor that blows off all the panels (with extreme force!) but if the ship dies normally, i want them to come off differiently.

- the third thing is, with the effect:

effect = gf_explosion_li_battleship_damagefire
hardpoint = HpEngine01
at_t = 0.050000
pos_offset = 0, 0, -70 <<<editable?
ori_offset = 0, 0, -30 <<<editable?
attached = true

where a thing that looks like a small engine move thing shoots out of the reactor (you know what im talking about i hope), can you change the angle it comes out (it awlays shoots to the bottom right) with the marked values?

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Post Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:41 pm

For one, check the radius. 45 basically means you'd have to hug the ship's hull to feel it.

For two, I can't really tell.

For three, I believe you can edit them to your likings.

Post Mon Oct 29, 2007 4:02 pm

ok, but for

#1: then what does the force do?

#2: i need sum help because..of what i said

#3: i ment do you know how to do the thing i said, like i guess you kinda get it its like the 4 streams of reactor stuff are coming out in an "X" or better yet, coming out like that but with 4 more, like a cross over the x.

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