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Smaller mods

The general place to discuss MOD''ing Freelancer!

Post Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:23 am

Smaller mods

Freelancer has a great many of massive modifications available, and I've tried a number of them. However, none of them ever really felt right for me. I've noticed that many of these mods have similar pieces of equipment, such as upgradeable armor, scanners, tractor beams etc. What I'm looking for is a modular mod that includes such pieces of equipment and commodities, but not any other overarching changes to the game like AI behavior, systems or ships, so that I can merely "add-on" other minor mods as time progresses. Is there such a mod, or modder's resource? I have extensive experience modding for the Elder Scrolls games, and some for Freelancer, so if I have to do some manual labour to get it working I will.

Thanks for your time.

Post Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:09 am

The thing is: Freelancer is a multiplayer game, mostly. Mods are built with that in mind, and so they have to be complete. Since MP does not allow for multiple versions of the game to run on a single server without serious crashes, modularity is out of the window. SP would allow modularity, but the appeal of singleplayer is rather low, especially to modders, who are looking to gather up a community that'll play together.

The are some mods which were built with modular conception, but most of these are still a big pack featuring all kinds of changes. You'd have to look around each mod and ask for permissions before being able to venture any further. Just remember that most modders out there don't really like to give out their stuff freely, considering they worked quite hard on it.

Post Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:32 am

damn thats a point i hadn't thought of.... hm

actually i'm planning on doing just that before the end of the year, like Argh did with his toolkit which i built on to myself and heavily edited to make the kit'n'kaboodle a more modular package of INIs... separating the equipment files into sensibly named categories with more specific names like equip-guns/equip-mines/equip-missiles/etc to make finding what you're looking for easier. it's not overboard, many files weren't treated like that they just got an alphabetization, duplicates for SP or whatever removed, unecessary loadouts like all the different station loadouts (do we need several per arch?blah not unless there's some difference between turrets i guess)

basically i hope it will be received as better than the SDK to work with as a starting point / not a total SDK replacement (systems files were omitted, XML modifies them where needed) / way more gameplay changes than the XML toolkit with less tendency to simplify choice for the player (a new equipment balance system that is totally different than the XML toolkits and requires a little thought to get the best blend of equipment/fighting style) and showcasing the coolest mainstream modding tricks and techniques the community has, as well as a couple new ones i found myself like dynamic lighting (which every mod can use without too much trouble, provided they didn't modify the effects ini very heavily), and a focus on freshening up the game with a more colorful/beta-era interface, a new autopilot voice, the ability to use all the heads in the game w/o the lips-glued bug that bothers some people so much, some new gameplay ideas like lootable stations (shoot the compartment off and a hostage will eject for you to tractor) / *permanently* destructable stations and lots of other stuff i'm too tired to even plug again

in case you're curious its called 'FL:Redemption / FLR' and you can count on it being available before jan 1 - dunno if i would call it a minor MOD, in that its about 100 mb compressed / 250 mb uncompressed, but it doesn't really -add- so much as it modifies and replaces things already there as well as adding all the upgrades and unlocking all but a few utility ships (civ series aka starfliers and hawks were removed for aesthetics)

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Post Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:11 pm

Thanks for the replies. I came across "Freelancer: Evolutions" and have tried that with SP, and it seems to have what I want while not disrupting the lore of the universe. However, my playing time is limited, and as a result I'd like to get rid of AI use of nanobots/batteries and regenerating shields. I know that I've done this before, and it was a rather simple change, but I cannot find a tutorial to do that amongst those listed here.

Post Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:12 am

I am working on such a mod now one version for MP and one for SP with the storyline. Total D/L will be no more then 6-7mb if that.

It will have

- Cruising speed 425


- Ships can be bought at any level

- All ships have improved handling.

- Weapons/Equipment can be bought at any level

- Ammo has no level on it so if you find a weapon or loot a weapon you will be able to buy ammo for it at anytime.

- Adjusted all prices on weapons/equipment to reflect the new performance and for game balance

- Adjusted all prices on ships to reflect the new performance anf for game balance

- Beefed up the Freighters buy 2x the Armor, Botts/Batts, and Cargo. The Dromedary is now the best Freighter. Fixed the infocards to show the right info for ships.

- Made the Anubis the meanest ship in the game. 14200 Armor and 3xtorps. Renamed it to Anubis The Order Fighter/Bomber.

- Changed the Blood Dragons ships to Falcons as that is what they sale now for a ship

- Adjusted the system lighting to make it more comfortable and bring out the textures in Bases and ships.

- Added all power planets that were used by the game to be bought and sold so you can level up your favorite ship. Some have been modified a little to add diversity. *All over Sirius*

- 10 Armor Plating upgrades to buy. *Only at Shipyards*

- Capship Encounters In house systems

- Capital ships now have good firepower

- Nomad encounters in Omicron Beta, Omicron Alpha, Omicron Gamma, and the Unknowns

- Added some of the equipment that was put in the game but not buyable. Added lootable/buyable Scanners and tractor beams

- All factions have lootable pilots.

- Adjusted some commodities prices. Not to high just a little higher on a few to make it worth a little more.

- Improved Mining in all minable fields

- The Badlands have been changed a little. A little easier to fly in

- Added a few Jumpholes from Magellan to Omega 3 and from Sigma 19 to Omicron Minor

- The Order Weapons have leveled up and have the power increased accordingly

- Adjusted Weapons such as the Missiles to do more damage hit a lot more often if you use the Seeker and EMP missiles

- Add more damage to mines and increased there speed to 80 and 120 for the seeker mines

- Adjusted the performance of the torpedoes, and Cruise Disrupters

- Adjusted all weapons to a velocity of 700 as the slowest gun

- I adjusted the Seekers so that now you will hit an NPC 90% of the time

- I also adjusted the Shield Buster Missile so that now you will hit an NPC 90% of the time * NOTE * Now the cool part about this is you can mount a Seeker and a Shield buster missile pod and fire them at the same time. The Shield buster will hit the NPC dropping its shields then the seeker hits the hull a split second later doing damage to the hull this works about 80% of the time. The best part is it is all done with one hit of a button.

- Made NPC shields lootable. These shields are not the player shields. They only regenerate at 1 point per sec so are useless to the player but can be sold for $$$

- All ships can mount class 10 weapons and shields

- Higher paying missions

- Harder missions at all bases

- Most Storyline Jumpholes open

- Changed the Scan chance from 30% to 80%

- The mod base is Freelancer SDK 1.3b files by Louva Deus included.

- The mod will use FLMM v 1.31 to activate

Now any or all this can be changed to your tastes. You can add or change to your hearts desire. This will have Vanilla AI and loadout for ships except for scanners.

(Pronounced: siss-sue)
Guts, Tenacity, Steadfastness, Courage, and an Indomitable will to Succeed, and Survive.

Post Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:16 am

That sounds fantastic. Is there any chance that you may have capship kill missions?

Post Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:57 pm

That I have not figured out yet. I know it works for MP but not SP afaik.

(Pronounced: siss-sue)
Guts, Tenacity, Steadfastness, Courage, and an Indomitable will to Succeed, and Survive.

Post Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:16 pm

Don't your npc's get the same loadouts as players?? If not, they should.

Post Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:59 pm

Not in this one, I do not think many people like that much challenge now days. I plan on releasing this like it is and then people can doctor it up as the see fit.

I wanted to keep it as much as I could Vanilla except for a few things I thought were underpowered or not correct.

If people want a version with killer NPC's I can make A version that would be a nightmare for anyone, but that is not fun to many people. Maybe later on I'll release a full version of how I play SP, I don’t think people would like it to much as it is more RPG oriented then getting the best of the best in 4 hours of game play. However if there is a demand for it I might release it but I don't wont to hear it's to hard make it easier. Therefore, I am releasing an easy version first then if you want to take Freelancer past hard and then past extreme into insane I will let you have it with both barrels

(Pronounced: siss-sue)
Guts, Tenacity, Steadfastness, Courage, and an Indomitable will to Succeed, and Survive.

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