Post Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:12 am

10k radar patrol spawning bugs

So I decided to edit zones to make all ships appear in no less then 10k away from playership, so like you have 10k radar. I edited exe an dlls. I also edited area_zones(made them bigger, no less then 21200), and edited patrols(to make them 24k, no less).
So, everything had to work. And it worked. All the ships I've encountered in area zones appeared 10k away from me. I decided to test patrols, began with path_img1_... and img2_... in Cambridge. And it worked. Patrol always appeared 10k away. BUT an ANNOYING THING !!! !! ! Corsair patrols and some other sometimes spawn ships 3.5k, 2.5k, and even 2.0k away !!?...This happened also in the center of a path route, when I was more then 11k away from it's ends.
(path_corsairs2_... in Cambridge as example).
I tried editing patrols, encounters(changed zone_creation_distance to 9500, no result), tried adding MAX_SPAWNED_MINDIST_COUNT = 9500 to Constants.ini, nothing seems to work.
The only thing that seemed to fix this, was changing behavior = patrol_path to behavior = wander in encounter file(but I have to test it more thoroughly). But wander behavior here is a bit annoying...
I guess many have encountered this problem.
So, any suggestions??? At least why img patrols work fine???