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tradeing engines, custom lightsets, and mine models

hello again, the mod i play has engines as something you can equip and unequip, but of course, you cant take off without an engine. each type of engine looks differient and has slightly differient speed:power regen rates. however i was planning to make them tradable so that you could have, say, liberty engines on a rheinland ship, or get really crazy and go for putting a liberty cruiser engine on. (all in the name of customizing the looks, as it wouldent really make you go any faster)

the question being, would it make the game crash?
has anyone ever tried this, if you had to change something, please tell me. (other then that, all i would have todo is put a really slow and crappy engine up for sale in every station to you could take off and treade your main engine, right? and also incase you shot the station or got killed, you could buy a engine at every station that corrasponds to the area your in.)

also, i think ive seen a post before about cuttomizing your lightsets, IS it possible to make a lightset hardpoint and be able to buy like, 3 differient lightsets for each ship? (as you couldnt put on another ships lightset, that would look really weird)

also one more question, i thought it would be interesting for some cap ships to be able to have high level mine droppers that drop mines that look like the ones in zone 21. big and spiky. (but not do as much damage as them) i also wanted to set their lifetime to be fairly long, as to create a minefield (5 mins?) any ideas on how to do this? (and while were at it, how about an experamental ship that can lay temparory nebula?? that would be cool)

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