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unlock Mp

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Post Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:59 am

unlock Mp

In my mod the systems Omicron Minor (planet Toledo) and Alaska have quite an importance. Unfortunately these can´t be entered in MP. How do I make this two systems accessible?

Post Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:20 am

for toledo i created a jump hole in freelancer explorer . also if you check the downloads i created a jumpgate that goes to toledo . now this is what i did for the jump gates in initial world ini
;@#Group File

;locked_gate = 2926089285         ;St01_to_St02_hole ;St01_to_St02_hole
;locked_gate = 2926433351         ;St01_to_St03_hole ;St01_to_St03_hole
;locked_gate = 2460445762         ;St02_to_St01_hole ;St02_to_St01_hole
;locked_gate = 2263303234         ;St03_to_St01_hole ;St03_to_St01_hole
;locked_gate = 2284213505         ;Li05_to_Li01 ;Li05_to_Li01
;locked_gate = 2293678337         ;Li01_to_Li05 ;Li01_to_Li05
;locked_gate = 2711806985         ;Ku06_to_Ku07_hole ;Ku06_to_Ku07_hole
;locked_gate = 3051899916         ;Ku07_to_Ku05_hole ;Ku07_to_Ku05_hole
;locked_gate = 2640501769         ;Ku05_to_Ku07_hole ;Ku05_to_Ku07_hole
; Mission 4 ;
;locked_gate = 2541540999  ;Iw03_to_Li01 ;Iw03_to_Li01
;locked_gate = 2963174661         ;Li01_to_Iw03 ;Li01_to_Iw03
;locked_gate = 2314954114 ;Iw03_to_Br04_hole
;locked_gate = 2193365380 ;Br04_to_Iw03_hole
; Mission 5 ;
;locked_gate = 2350144385         ;Bw01_to_br03_hole ;Bw01_to_br03_hole
;locked_gate = 2384076422         ;Br03_to_br04_hole ;Br03_to_br04_hole
;locked_gate = 2919942795         ;Br03_to_bw01_hole ;Br03_to_bw01_hole
;locked_gate = 2747303563         ;Br04_to_br03_hole ;Br04_to_br03_hole
; Mission 6 ;
;locked_gate = 2749302404         ;Br04_to_br05_hole ;Br04_to_br05_hole
;locked_gate = 3080351366         ;Br05_to_br04_hole ;Br05_to_br04_hole
; Mission 9 ;
; Mission 10 ;
;locked_gate = 3157307012         ;Bw05_to_Ku06_hole ;Bw05_to_Ku06_hole
;locked_gate = 2675819466         ;Bw05_to_rh01_hole ;Bw05_to_rh01_hole
;locked_gate = 2694587652         ;Ku06_to_bw05_hole ;Ku06_to_bw05_hole
;locked_gate = 3015759243         ;Rh01_to_Bw05_hole ;Rh01_to_Bw05_hole
;locked_gate = 2254122510         ;Rh02_to_Rh04_holeb ;Rh02_to_Rh04_holeb
;locked_gate = 2578962883         ;Rh04_to_Rh02_holeb ;Rh04_to_Rh02_holeb
; Mission 11 ;
;locked_gate = 2444625543         ;Li01a_to_Li01b_hole ;Li01a_to_Li01b_hole
;locked_gate = 2980035276         ;Li01b_to_Li01a_hole ;Li01b_to_Li01a_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3080351366  ;Br05_to_br04_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2749302404  ;Br04_to_br05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2384076422  ;Br03_to_br04_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2747303563  ;Br04_to_br03_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2350144385  ;Bw01_to_br03_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2919942795  ;Br03_to_bw01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2694587652  ;Ku06_to_bw05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3157307012  ;Bw05_to_Ku06_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2675819466  ;Bw05_to_rh01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3015759243  ;Rh01_to_Bw05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2578962883  ;Rh04_to_Rh02_holeb
;npc_locked_gate = 2254122510  ;Rh02_to_Rh04_holeb
;npc_locked_gate = 2293678337  ;Li01_to_Li05
;npc_locked_gate = 2284213505  ;Li05_to_Li01
;npc_locked_gate = 2444625543  ;Li01a_to_Li01b_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2980035276  ;Li01b_to_Li01a_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2640501769  ;Ku05_to_Ku07_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3051899916  ;Ku07_to_Ku05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2711806985  ;Ku06_to_Ku07_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3051850763  ;Ku07_to_Ku06_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2926089285  ;St01_to_St02_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2460445762  ;St02_to_St01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2926433351  ;St01_to_St03_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2263303234  ;St03_to_St01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2382233355  ; ???
;npc_locked_gate = 2569281742  ; ???
;npc_locked_gate = 2963174661  ;Li01_to_Iw03
;npc_locked_gate = 2541540999  ;Iw03_to_Li01
; Easter Egg Systems - Player is allowed to go to these systems, but not NPCs
;npc_locked_gate = 2259929730 ; Hi02_to_Ew06_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3128701573 ; Hi01_to_Ew05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2974773122 ; Ew01_to_Li01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2942653837 ; Li04_to_Bw05_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3030328194 ; Ew04_to_Hi01_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3163920771 ; Bw05_to_Li04_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 3128521351 ; Hi01_to_Ew04_hole
;npc_locked_gate = 2868648589 ; Li01_to_Ew01_hole
this works pretty good plus once you get access to toledo you will be able to go to st02 and st03 as for st03b you need another jump hole

Post Mon Jun 25, 2007 11:08 am

Or, for my mod, I just deleted all of the data there. its not very important because single player will not be supported by my mod anyway. PS what is your mod?

Post Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:15 pm

Yeah...I just deleted all those lines. Made it simpler for me.
The big problem we seem to be trying to get around is a way to use the existing jump holes that go from the nomad layer to the core and back. They seem somewhat "hard coded" within the mission.ini file.
Although I really think the acutal solution is probably a very simple one.

Post Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:57 pm

Yup.. solution is quite simple!

nickname = St03_to_St01_hole ----- change this
ids_name = 261793
pos = 9493, 7100, 10625
rotate = -32, 29, -6
Archetype = nomad_gate
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_St01
ids_info = 66146
jump_effect = jump_effect_bretonia
goto = St01, St01_to_St03_hole, gate_tunnel_bretonia

(the above is just an example of one of the hardcoded gates/holes)

Change the nickname to whatever you want! Myself I changed gate to hole and hole to gate! Then everything works fine!

Adding in the ; in front of the gates/holes in initialworld.ini isn't enoug because yes some of those names are hardcoded! So just change the nicknames of those holes in their respective system.ini and there ya go!

Hope this helps! :-)

Edited by - mh-dk on 6/25/2007 6:00:37 PM

Post Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:37 am

i even can´t reach these Systems with my own Gates/Holes

Post Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:13 am


this is the lair to the core. I've gone as far as placing new jump holes inside the lair, however, this does not always work since when the player takes the jump to the core..95% of the time the player will end up on the outside of thd core instead.

A Possible Fix:
One thing I considered doing is re-creating the nomad lair with the core integrated inside the lair. (this eliminates the additional jump into and out of the core) This core does not have the rotating obstacle (which imho is a perfect waste of ram) . Anyway, the lair and core in this case is a single object.
I've already built the new lair in MS3D with using the same textures from the original lair.
I've yet to test this out, but I don't expect any forseeable problems...except that it would not be story line compatable.

Edited by - Rankor on 6/26/2007 8:23:56 AM

Post Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:50 am

One note of CAUTION or WARNING...
Heads Up!
I don't know if this is related to the recent problem I had or not but here is the situation.
Recently, I began noticing many of my story line jump holes and gates dissappeared. The FL Scan Tool did not catch this even after I generated all new path files. I also noticed that some of my new system connections had lost one side (a gate or a hole) of the connection.
It may have something to do with a simple mistake I made when I pressed the "Restore Original Files" button instead of the "Save" option (just above it)
I ended up going back in and recreating a few of those jump holes and gates. But I also had to make sure I got rid of any existing previous gate or hole that was no longer connected. In other words, I had to recreate new system connections where some originals ended up missing.

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