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switching head animations

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Post Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:04 pm

switching head animations

I have not really looked into this and it might be over my head but I was wondering if you could tell the head to use a different animation??
On the other hand, is all that in one file, if so could you change something in that file to make it possible??
I know right now it is not possible but I was just brainstorming and thought it might be possible to trick the head into doing different animations by telling it to look into a different file for a different animation.

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Post Tue Apr 03, 2007 2:55 pm

yes, although it depends on where animations are called from. in SP when you're in space and cutscenes animations are called manually by name, in any other situation (random dialogue) the animation is matched to the random dialogue by common naming, and then it's time-stretched to make the animation long enough for the entire wav file to run

animations can be copy-pasted with the XMLproject, note that this program and file will take a looong time (perhaps 20 seconds or more) to decode, and it will announce that it's done before it's finished writing; don't click 'ok' just wait and watch the file size of the .xml file it generates -> it should be 4-5 times as big as the original UTF when it's complete (and you need a complete XML file to recode)

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