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Amount of loot dropped

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Post Sat Dec 23, 2006 8:02 pm

Amount of loot dropped


I`m having problems setting up the quantity of loot a NPC drops when gets destroyed. In RMLootInfo I`m doing all the changes I want but I don`t get it working.

I tested on "Food Rations":

Original values :
archetype = commodity_food
num_to_drop = 1, 2
faction = co_me_grp, co_vr_grp, rh_m_grp, co_nws_grp, fc_c_grp, fc_ou_grp, fc_rh_grp, fc_bd_grp, fc_j_grp, fc_h_grp, fc_m_grp, fc_x_grp, fc_b_grp, fc_g_grp, fc_lh_grp, fc_u_grp, fc_gc_grp, fc_lwb_grp, fc_fa_grp, fc_lr_grp, gd_gm_grp, gd_im_grp, gd_z_grp
difficulty_range = 0, 16
weight = 1

I`ve modified the "num_to_drop" to 500, 1000 and every time I blow up a train that caries food I get max 150 units of it, 5 packs of 30 units each. I read one of Chip`s posts about this and the "weight" factor that I still don`t know what it does. I raised it`s value up to 600 and still no effect.

Then I modified this: BonusLootDropChance = 1.000000 <- which I assumed it represents 1% chances, but I was wrong as I changed the value to 100.000000 lol hoping that I will get my at least 500 units of Food.

What must I do? Is it a constant somewhere controls this - as I always get a maximum of 5 packs with 30 units of Food every time I blast a train ? Please help me out or guide me to where should I look for more info.


Post Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:11 am

I think, the entries mLootProps and PhantomLoot set only the general limits for the loot. So its right if you edit the max. numbers here.
But you have to edit the loadout of the train, too.
equip = ge_s_cm_01, HpCM01
cargo = ge_s_cm_01_ammo, 20
cargo = commodity_consumer_goods, 100 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< e.g.
Thats what i read from the tutorials.

Post Sun Dec 24, 2006 4:53 am

num_to_drop = 1, 2

change the 2 to a higher number, i beleive this is the limit for how many it will drop. ill do some editing of my own and ill tell you what i come up with

also, to increase the chance of the NPC to actually DROP the loot, set Weight = to 5 or something like that

and another thing ^^
difficulty_range =
This sets the range of RANK you have to be to get the loot, for a nomad loot i have done this is my code for it.

archetype = nomad_gun01_mark02
num_to_drop = 1
faction = fc_n_grp
difficulty_range = 45, 100
weight = 5

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Post Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:44 am

It doesn`t seem to affect it in anyway no matter what changes I make in RMLootInfo.ini . But I get a nasty result if I modify the values in LootProps.ini .

nickname = commodity_pharm
toughness_range = 1, 100
percent_chance = 100
num_to_drop = 1000, 2000

I`ve deleted all other "PhantomLoot" blocks concerning the Pharm commodity and let only this one. The number of units hasn`t changed but instead I was getting pharmaceuticals from every npc I was blasting, and in the same format: 5 packs of 30 units each. I`ve corelated the data inputs in RMLootInfo and LootProps but I still don`t get my 1000 units.

Also, by editting their cargo in Loadouts won`t do the job as in-game they are already carying ~ 20k of that specific commodity. So technically they have enough "material" to drop when I blast `em.

I think there is a constant somewhere that limits the amount of dropped loot to 150 as I never got more than 150 units of loot. Perhaps this: (?)

nickname = commodity_pharm
drop_properties = 100, 0, 5260, 1, 150, 150

I took it as a possibility, and changed those 150 values to 1000 but nothing happened.
Or perhaps this, of which I have no clue what it does:

nickname = default_commodity
drop_properties = 0, 100000, 10000, 1, 2, 1

Any info would be extremely usefull and I`d be gratefull for any help you can give me. TaknTar can you, please, direct me to that tutorial you`ve read ?

Thanks for everything, guys.


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Post Mon Dec 25, 2006 10:48 am

Ah nevermind... I feel so dumb now that I just found the "Show topics from ______ (period of time)" option... I saw the numerous other posts that deal with my little problem :s I can find all the answers I need there.

Thanks for your help.


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