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One Way JH/JG

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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 3:56 pm

One Way JH/JG

I have heard it is possible to have a one way JH or JG. If this is true, how do you accomplish this?

Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 4:52 pm

I've been doing some work on that for my new mod for hyperspace, so I have the code, gimme a sec ...

Firstly, in DATA\SOLAR\SolarArch.ini

create a new jumphole entry like so ...

[Solar <--- dont forget to add the closing bracket back on the end
nickname = jumphole_gone
ids_name = 60211
ids_info = 66146
type = JUMP_HOLE
DA_archetype = solar\dockable\jump_hole.3db
material_library = solar\Solar_mat_misc02.mat
mass = 10000.000000
loadout = jumphole_gone
jump_out_hp = Hporient
solar_radius = 600
shape_name = NAV_jumphole
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountA, 150
hit_pts = 999999961690316250000000000000000000.000000
phantom_physics = true

that creates our new jumphole that has a reference for a loadout called jumphole_gone, now lets set that up.

In DATA\SOLAR\loadouts.ini

create a new entry like so ...

[Loadout <---- add bracket back in at the end
nickname = jumphole_gone

This creates a jump hole without the effect visible, so its basically invisible to the naked eye.

Now in a system ini, such as li01.ini, create something like this:

nickname = li01_to_li02_invisible
ids_name = 458759
ids_info = 458755
pos = -35899, 0, -26917
rotate = 0, 20, 0
archetype = jumphole_gone
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Hs01
jump_effect = jump_effect_bretonia
visit = 128 ; invisible on navmap
goto = Li02, Li01_to_Li02_Exit, gate_tunnel_bretonia

So, two main things are, no effect referenced in the loadout, and the visit = 128 code, which makes things invisible on the navmap

There ya go, the codes above obviously wont work out of the box, you'll need to understand it before doing anything with it

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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:44 pm

Or simply have the second jumphole set to return back onto itself. It works fine but you will have to edit the shortest_illegal_path areas to avoid an error "no connection between systems". Even an invisible jumphole can be clicked on by someone scanning (random clicking) for one I believe, so I didn't make mine invisible, instead I named it "Unstable Jumphole".

nickname = UV01_to_OR01_hole
ids_name = 458762
pos = 40469, 0, 34550
Archetype = jumphole
ids_info = 459755
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Li01
jump_effect = jump_effect_hole
goto = UV01, UV01_to_OR01_hole, gate_tunnel_bretonia <-- returns to itself
visit = 127

p.s. Use your own numbers in the name and info slots, mine are custom.

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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:43 pm

Or just lock the jumphole instead...

Post Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:17 pm

You could do what I did for Hobbie's FLCompleteBalance mod which is duplicate one of the jumphole entries then:
1)Set it's Visit code to "visit = 128"
2)Set it's LODRanges to "0,0,0".

That way the JH doesn't show on the map and doesn't show in the gameworld either

Post Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:42 pm

I did a funny one by mistake for a mod i made. I had a base parented to a jumpgate. Whenever they tried to dock with the jump gate you docked at the base instead.

Post Fri Dec 15, 2006 12:50 am

Thats a real good one Mace_166 that could be a cool way of docking with a hidden base.

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Post Sun Dec 17, 2006 12:33 pm

or this:

[Object <------ Close bracket
nickname = BU01_to_BU02_hole
ids_name = 458762
pos = 40469, 0, 34550
Archetype = jumphole
ids_info = 459755
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Li01
jump_effect = jump_effect_hole
goto = BU02, *co-ordinates here*

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Post Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:48 pm

Sorry to frankenstein the thread but I'm a bit confused here.

Does the above posted method actually work and if so could someone elaborate a little on that. All I get is server crashes from this method.

Post Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:00 am

depends on which of those posts you mean

Post Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:09 am

I had an odd revelation one day when I messed up with a set of docking setups.
It got me thinking that it might be possible to dock at a base in one system, then undock at another (similar) base in a different system.

The method behind this madness idea is this:
Suppose I use the Osiris as a base in several different systems...(did that and all it working fine in MP) HOWEVER, I gave this some thought and wondered "what if" I docked with Osiris in One system, but when I undock..I'm acutally in another system.
So, in theory, you could set up a chain of events that mimicks "base" travel from one system to the next.
You remember where you dock with the Osiris in several different places during the story. But, when you're in a different location for the next story line mission.
At Hamburg.
Then in Texas,
Then next to Zone 21,
Then Omicron Minor.

It seems possible to me that I could set this up where the Osiris is already "stationed" in those systems. Then Simply dock with it and undock in the next location.

I had a shipyard set up in Omicron Minor, next to Toledo. But, somehow mucked up the setup. So, I docked with the shipyard, but couldn't help but notice I undocked from Toledo. I could still dock with Toledo.
It was an odd "clitch" that got me thinking of the possibilities.

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