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Post Sun Dec 10, 2006 10:05 am


Hey guys, I'm about to start working on a mod that will basically be starting FL from scratch, what I'm after though is some thoughts on a more interactive concept I've been thinking about.

As FL is essentially a space sim with roleplay and action elements, I was thinking about how realistic some of the combat is, not as in flight mechanics etc in the areas of damage...

For example if you get shot up your rear enough times you'd expect your engines to fail or be destroyed, with the hardpoints for engines being internal this currently isn't possible. Same for power supplies, if those were destroyed you'd expect an overload and a fairly big explosion.

This would of course involve moving a couple of hardpoints, and maybe a fuse or 2.

How do you think it would be of use in FL, as for example it could be abused to just disabling a ships engines not allowing them to move, or would they still be able to move if thruster was still in 1 piece...

Just wanting to flesh out the concept is all

Post Sun Dec 10, 2006 10:23 am

you're going to start working on my mod? lol this is one thing i'm working on among others; destructible mod ships - in fact i wrote a tutorial about it, wireframes, and surs- and you can go read it in the tutorials section the answer to your question about thrusters is yeah - well i think so.... blargh, i've been using 'afterburners' mounted directly on the engine points so actually i'm not sure, but they should still work- that may be why they chose to go with a thruster system actually. (fyi if you look in the ship folders you'll find damage caps for engines, and those can be enabled with re-tagged {CollisionGroup} code + adding their {Simple} entries back into shiparch.ini )

i like the FL universe and I'm keeping it but what it needs are better ships, gravity, complete capital-class integration (so cap users have as much choice in weaponry and upgrades), and a compromise based upgrade system that doesn't deadend with a few prized items that have the highest stats. all of this (and more - in fact the only hack that hasn't been implemented is NPC wingmen because I don't want to copy+paste someone's code without their consent) is part of the overall build of (shameless plugging) FL Redemption

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Post Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:59 pm

Cold Void, these are just one of many ideas I've had lately, my main one, being a more multiplayer friendly, player teamwork friendly, clan friendly freelancer instead of just a mesh of single player and multiplayer added on top.

I have a starting point, infact I believe its your total conversion SDK

I also have a good story to provide a setup for this mod, all I need is help getting it done, but I'm not going to be able to get that help until I've shown some of my work, which means it'll likely be after xmas before I can show anything.

I want that advanced wingmen mod also, as it would be incredible for one particular aspect of my mod, I'll have to contact the creator, but I'm guessing with a feature like that I'm not likely to get permission :/


Infact, after reading a lot of what you have put into your redemption mod, a lot of my aims match with yours, maybe we could share code and stuff hehe.


If your interested, you could get me on msn : zyoslancer -at- hotmail co uk (anti-spambot)

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