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Something to Patrols and Random Missions.

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Post Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:47 am

Something to Patrols and Random Missions.

I had put a patrol route and random mission zones into my new system, but they caused a CTD. So, what can be the reason
NOTE-I used FLE-newest version.

Post Thu Dec 07, 2006 7:41 am

I came across the same problem, so a friend of mine took a look into it. He found that the patrol "numbering" system used had something to do with it.
It had something to do with "duplicate numbers" that was causing the CDT. (a simple programing fluke) .
Each patrol has a number and a set of waypoints.
Patrol01_01_01, 01_02, 01_03, etc
Patrol02_02_01, 02_02, 02_03, etc
Patrol03_03_01, 03_02, 03_03, etc

The problem has something to do with duplicate entries that's causing the CTD.
Each patrol path of each individual patrol has to be individually numbered and sequenced, but the program seemed to be missing that.
I'm not too clear on the details and I apologise, but take a look in your particular system folder ini file and look for these duplicate entries in patrol paths. Change them to their proper sequence and it should work fine.

As for me,
To make it simply easier, we just removed the patrol paths causing the crash and used zone populations instead.

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