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Big ship docking

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Post Sun Apr 23, 2006 4:52 pm

Big ship docking

I know there's a similar thread going on at the moment , but this one covers big ships docking every where.

I've made all of the transports playable and they are all fine. I've changed it so that player controlled big ships use the large_moors and all of the npcs use medium_moors so that i can control where the player can dock.
I've made it so that all of the large _moors are made medium_moors for npcs except for custom bases that are going to function as shipping platforms.
By changing the order of the moors to be from biggest to smallest i find that you can dock with a base and not try to exit a border station through the front door with a rhineland cruiser.
So, i've changed this:
nickname = miningbase_mineableA
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 2.500000, Sc_open dockA
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountB, 2.500000, Sc_open dockB
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountC, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountD, 10.000000

to this
docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountD, 10.000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountC, 5.000000
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 2.500000, Sc_open dockA
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountB, 2.500000, Sc_open dockB
.. and it works ok, though you always leave via the moor even if you actually docked with a fighter.

The reason why i'm posting here is i've found more things to change. Inorder for the ships like the transport to be flyable (and not look like a load of arse when docked) you need to move the HpMount to a position underneath the middle of the ship. But i noticed that ships like the transport don't like that very much and have problems docking as they end up bashing themselves up against the base trying to get to there mooring point.
See pic:

Notice how its vertical, its not meant to be. Instead you need to copy the dockable bases into a custom folder and move the hardpoint away from the station a bit and rotate the "z" 90. I haven't had much of a chance to playtest these yet, but the ones that i have seen look as good as you could expect (see other pic).

Post Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:41 pm

Have you gotten this thing to work yet? I'd like to take a look at what you've done so far in the hopes of figuring out the undocking problem on my mod.

Post Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:47 pm

does that mean you got ships with can_use_moors to complete the mooring procedure for players too?

Post Tue Dec 05, 2006 3:49 am

I'm guessing that CV is talking to Mace but I'll answer anyway.

So far I am able to "dock" at Manhattan, Trenton, and Newark. The docking sequence completes and I find myself at the Cityscape on planets (with a big huge capship projecting through all the nearby buildings) or in the berth/equipment room on the bases (with the nose of my Liberty Dreadnought poking through into the room)

When I undock from the planet I still fly through the docking rings even though I've set my jumps to be first in the list. (I wonder if I should take the first docking_sphere and make it a medium_moor and make the second the jump).

The last time I tried to undock from Trenton I was impaled by the tower and the last several times I undocked from Newark I flew right through the base instead of backing away and coming about.

At the moment I'm working on cloning the docking_fixture to see if that lets me avoid the docking rings. I've applied the phantom_physics trick but haven't tested that yet.

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Post Tue Dec 05, 2006 4:06 pm

Err, i think so, i've got to admit i haven't modded much lately.
For player controlled big ships i use the large_moors for certain bases. The station has a duplicate entry in solararch with the large_moor entry at the top of the list. Then i add a large jump zone thingy to it.
The downside is that fighters who dock with the station leave via the large_moor hardpoint which clearly isn't ideal. With the plus side being that big ships should be player flyable in multiplayer games where you can't use esc to skip the docking sequence.
Most bases have a large moor hardpoint that i use for this kind of thing for the custom bases. I just label them "shipping platforms" or soething to make it more obvious. I've added things like a Gasminer Naha Shipping Platform at a similar area to the original base.
It seems to be working ok so far. I'll blow the dust off my FL game disk and test it sometime.
@Robocop, for the docking RIngs you can add:
to the entry and ships will pass through ok. Very big ships like battleships are a pain. I've had to move the dockpoint out quite a long way, increase the jump zone and modify the HpMount of the ships in order for it to dock reasonably ok and not look like arse when its at the base.

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