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Making new hardpoint types?

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Post Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:33 pm

Do you know which hp_types are indeed hardcoded SWAT?

And if so would you list them here?

And what names we can use that will produce visible mounts on the inventory that we can see and use to mount new equipment types?

It would be very kind of you, I often find you do know, but are reluctant to part with the info!

And of course it will be very useful if there are unused type names that I am not aware of that I can use, because I would like to create new "Upgrade Slot" types so that they don't use shield mounts nor other existing mounts (hp_thruster, hp_countermeasure_droppper, hp_mine_dropper, hp_torpedo_special_1, hp_torpedo_special_2, hp_shield_link).

The problem using shield types including hp_fighter_shield_generator is that the upgrades will then fit on any available shield mount as well - I want to keep shield mounts separate and unusable by the upgrade items.

The other common way (remove the various existing shield types and mounts and use one or more of them to handle new hardpoints in the ship's cmp file) does work of course, but removes part of the nicety of the original game and those shield types then have to be removed from the shiparch.ini file for every ship and replaced with the ones the modder left in for shields.

?? ^o^ ??

Thanks in advance, SWAT - and of course to anyone else that can give precise info?

Post Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:40 am

weapon and shield hardpoints are hardcoded in the same way as the hpmount

there are some others but i would need to have a look at the files first
oh and i remember that there was a unused lvl10 weapon hardpoint (with a different name)

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